CEF Energy call 2023 open for applications

On 18 April, CINEA launched a new CEF Energy call in which projects that contribute to improving European energy infrastructure are eligible. The new call addresses ‘studies’ and ‘works’ projects. CEF Energy is a program from the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) grant. The grant makes € 750 million available for the CEF Energy call 2023 which is now open for applications.

Which projects are eligible for the CEF Energy call 2023?

Cross-border projects focused on realizing infrastructure for the generation and transport of sustainable energy from renewable sources are eligible for the CEF Energy grant. For example, energy storage, grid connections and IT systems are subsidisable when they are an integral part of the project and have demonstrable added value.

Projects of Common Interest (PCI’s)

It is also an essential condition that your project is on the European list of ‘Projects of Common Interest’ (PCIs). PCIs are key infrastructure projects with the purpose of boosting the European energy market and therefore achieving the EU’s energy policy and climate goals. In other words, your project must contribute to European energy objectives, increase competition and have a significant impact on the market of at least two European countries.

What does the CEF Energy call 2023 offer?

For the period of 2021-2027, a total of € 5.84 billion is available for CEF Energy. Of the € 5,48 billion, € 750 million will be made available for the 2023 call. CEF Energy is now open for applications.

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