CEF 2 Transport call 2022 open for applications in September

The EU programme Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2 Transport will be opened soon for applications! CEF 2 Transport focuses on improving transport infrastructure within Europe, including the rollout of alternative fuels infrastructure. This programme mainly offers funding opportunities for (cross-border) rail projects and the further development of ports and inland waterways. The CEF 2 Transport call 2022 will open in September. In this article we outline the most important aspects of this call.

The CEF 2 Transport Work Programme

One of the goals of the European Commission (EC) is to further improve the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) and to make it more sustainable. The CEF 2 Transport Work Programme (2021 to 2023) published in August 2021 provides insight into how the CEF 2 Transport programme can support projects through a grant contribution.

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Eligible topics and projects

On the basis of this work programme, you can apply for grants for the following topics / projects:

  • Infrastructure projects located on the TEN-T (Core Network & Comprehensive Network) in the area of rail, maritime and inland ports, waterways, terminals and multimodal transfer points;
  • Transport interoperability;
  • Motorways of the Sea;
  • Multimodal passenger hubs;
  • Reduction of noise pollution from railways;
  • Safe and secure truck parking areas;
  • Alternative fuel infrastructure;
  • Road safety;
  • Improving climate resilience of infrastructure;
  • Adaptations to the TEN-T network for military mobility (dual use with civilian transport).

AFIF for alternative fuels

For the rollout of alternative fuels infrastructure, there is the Alternative Fuels and Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) part within the CEF Transport programme. In this case, the financial contribution consists of a CEF 2 Transport grant and a mandatory (EIB) loan. The AFIF part within CEF 2 Transport is a rolling call with several cut-off dates (deadlines). You can still apply for AFIF funding before the following deadlines: 10 November 2022, 13 April 2023 and 19 September 2023.

CEF 2 Transport grant rates and evaluation criteria

Grant rates

CEF Transport projects can be divided into studies and works applications (or a mix of these). Studies are research / preparatory projects, for which the grant percentage is maximum 50% of the eligible costs. For implementation projects, a works application can be submitted. In this instance, the standard grant percentage is maximum 30% (for cross-border projects, this can go up to 50%).

The CEF 2 Transport component AFIF has different grant rates:

  • Hydrogen and electricity infrastructure: 30%;
  • LNG infrastructure: 10%.

Evaluation criteria

What makes the CEF 2 Transport programme interesting is that it involves substantial grant contributions (which can amount to tens of millions of euros). After a thorough evaluation, only the best project proposals – that are located on the TEN-T – are selected. This evaluation is carried out on the basis of the following criteria:

  • maturity;
  • quality;
  • impact;
  • priority and urgency of the action;
  • catalytic effect of Union assistance.

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The timeline of the CEF 2 Transport call 2022

The call will open on 13 September 2022. You have until 18 January 2023 to submit an application. The results of this call will be announced around June 2023. The EU agency CINEA is expected to organise an information meeting about this call; the date has not yet been announced.

Connecting Europe Days: results of call 2021

On 28 June to 30 June the Connecting Europe Days (formerly known as TEN-T Days) took place in Lyon. During these days, various parties came together to discuss developments in the field of transport & mobility. Hezelburcht and our partner Dr2 Consultants were also present.

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At this EU event, the results of the CEF 2 Transport call 2021 were announced. Almost 400 applications were submitted during this call with a total requested funding amount of approximately € 15 billion. Of these applications, 135 were selected for a total grant contribution of € 5.4 billion. This shows that there was a high level of competition. About 90% of this grant contribution goes to rail projects and the development of inland ports & inland waterways.

Grant advice and support

As described above, there is strong competition within the CEF 2 Transport programme. Only the best applications will be considered for a grant contribution. Hezelburcht has extensive experience with the CEF Transport programme; we have been involved in several successful applications, including the Wunderline rail project. We are therefore able to offer excellent support in preparing and submitting an application. Contact us today for more information about this call and our services!

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