Annual call CEF Energy: Cross-Border Renewable Energy Sources

For cross-border projects aimed at realizing infrastructure for the generation and transport of sustainable energy from renewable sources, funding is available since this year from Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) – Energy: Cross-Border Renewable Energy Sources (CB RES). The 2nd call has been open for applications since 10 January 2023 and closes on 3 May 2023. The subsequent calls called ‘peparatory studies’, ‘studies’ and ‘works’ will follow later this year.

Which projects are eligible for CEF Energy CB RES?

CEF Energy CB RES is a grant resulting from the goals set in REDII, REPowerEU and the CEF Regulation and is part of the broader CEF Energy grant programme. Cross-border projects aimed at realizing infrastructure for the generation and transport of sustainable energy from renewable sources are eligible for this grant. Energy storage, grid connections and IT-systems are also eligible if they are an integral part of the project and have proven added value. It is important that the projects demonstrate, through international cooperation, that the project saves costs compared to similar projects implemented in a single member state.

Different calls within CEF Energy CB RES

Projects selected under the current, open call with deadline 3 May will be included in the list of projects with CB RES status. A ‘studies’ or ‘works’ grant application can then be submitted for these projects during the CB RES call expected to open in November 2023. Both calls will, up to and including 2027, return annually and be open for 4-5 months.

‘Call for Preparatory Studies’ in September 2023

If the CB RES status has not yet been obtained, it is interesting to apply for the ‘call for preparatory studies’, which is expected to open in September 2023. This call does not require CB RES status and the result of the study can be used for a subsequent applications for the ‘call for status’ and the ‘call for studies and works’.

Eligible activities within the call for preparatory studies

Various preparatory activities can be subsidized under the call for preparatory studies. This is intended to remove obstacles that have in the past prevented the implementation of cooperation projects, such as uncertainty about the distribution of costs and benefits between the member states involved, or the additional complexity of setting up cross-border support. Thus, with preparatory studies one should think, for example, of eligible activities such as feasibility studies, exploration of cost-benefits, preparatory system-related studies, market studies and a study on communication and stakeholder engagement.

Grant rate call for preparatory studies

For the call for preparatory studies, parties are given a maximum of 24 months to carry out their study. Typically, project sizes range from € 100,000 – € 350,000, but there is no minimum or maximum attached. In addition, a maximum of 50% of eligible costs will be awarded.

Find out if your project is eligible

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