Stimulating sustainable energy production and climate transition (SDE++)

For whom?

Companies and nonprofit

For what?

Investments in sustainable techniques

Technology Readiness Level (TRL)


More information on SDE++

Do you plan on investing in renewable energy or CO2-reducing techniques? Make smart us of the Dutch grant Stimulating sustainable energy production and climate transition (SDE++). The grant is meant to reduce greenhouse emissions in a cost efficient way and in turn support the climate goals.

Which techniques are eligible for SDE++

Projects with a focus on all kinds of techniques are competing with each other and can only receive subsidy for the funding gap. As a result, for each technique, a maximum ‘subsidy intensity’ and a ‘correction amount’ have been established. It concerns the following techniques:

Main category Technique
Renewable energy
  • Osmosis
  • Water
  • Wind
  • Solar
Renewable heat
  • Biomass (combustion and gasification)
  • Compost heat
  • Geo thermal energy
  • Solar thermal energy
Renewable gas
  • Biomass (combustion and gasification)
Low-carbon heat
  • Aqua thermal energy
  • Greenhouse energy
  • Solar PV panels with heat pump
  • E-boilers
  • Geo thermal energy
  • Residual heat
  • Heat pumps
Low-carbon production

Boost your chances of success

In order to increase your chances of success, market insight is relevant. Hezelburcht has carried out a market survey and can provide you with strategic advice. Moreover, your SDE++ application only has a chance of succeeding if all the conditions are met and all the mandatory documents are filled in completely and correctly. With the experience of our specialists, you will achieve maximum project returns.

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