Jorrit Bloembergen, BSc

Jorrit Bloembergen, BSc


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Jorrit has been with Hezelburcht Amsterdam as a Compliance Officer since February 2021. With his background in Business Administration, Jorrit makes a strong contribution to team compliance.

I’m really happy to start my professional career with Hezelburcht as a Compliance Officer. I want to support my colleagues, and future clients, to the fullest of my capabilities. I thrive when there is some form of pressure, when I’m able to be supportive and while working with numbers. My hobbies are having fun with friends, cooking and travelling. My biggest passion is skiing, which works well in combination with travelling. Lately I’ve been a big fan of Netflix, my prefere to watch series and wildlife documentaries.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since February 2021


  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BSc) | Inter College Business School Reinvented




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