Offshore wind plays an important role in the energy transition and global and National climate objectives. An important precondition is a further cost reduction of 35%. The sector aims to achieve this by developing new turbines (with a focus on larger turbines), innovative solutions for transport and installation, new types of foundations and cost reductions in operation and maintenance. At the same time, the offshore wind industry aims to build windfarms in deep water.

TouchWind and consortium  are developing a disrupting technology in the form of a low-cost, floating wind turbine. The most striking feature of the TouchWind turbine is its self-erecting mast, which acts as a passive pitch control. With this turbine, TouchWind breaks with the current tradition of three-bladed turbines, resulting in an estimated 29% cost reduction per kWh and an increased number of turbines per km2.


  • TouchWind
  • TU Delft
  • VDL Mast Solutions
  • Tres4 / We4ce
  • Nidec Netherlands
  • Marin




Have a look at the project video here:

TouchWind MONO explained from TouchWind on Vimeo.

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