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Ever seen a rocket transport a drone to its destination at a speed of 1000 km/h? Have you ever witnessed someone launch a metal arrow into the sky, almost reaching a height of 120 km, in the name of science?  Or have you ever pondered about building a machine that can study the beds of Mars? These and many other examples are not uncommon to the high tech company T-Minus Engineering.

T-Minus started as a young boy’s dream of four engineering students and has now grown into a leading Dutch aerospace company. T-Minus has collaborated with giants such as NASA, ESA, the Department of Defense and DLR. The company even generates its own rocket propellant.

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Propelling innovations via grants

The R&D-projects by T-Minus Engineering are innovative and appeal to one’s imagination. However, at the same time they are risky and costly. To fund these innovations, T-Minus makes ample use of multiple Dutch and European grant programmes. They’ve received funding for feasibility studies, the creation of a business plan in order to introduce the company to the European market, several R&D-projects and for the outsourcing of research to knowledge institutes. Grants such as WBSO, MIT and the Horizon 2020 programme have always been a financial stimulus for accelerating innovation at T-Minus Engineering.

We’ve been working together with Hezelburcht for approximately five years now. This collaboration has always been very engaging. Hezelburcht not only writes our grant applications, but also proactively alerts us to other grant possibilities and helps us find partners to work together with. Because the consultants are very accomplished in their field of expertise, collaborating with them runs smoothly in every aspect. It is very pleasant to reach a great grant proposition via a good and informal consultation. - Mark Uitendaal, Co-founder T-Minus Engineering

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