Hospitals are a major point source for the discharge of organic micro-pollutants, such as medical drug residues and X-ray contrast fluids. These pollutants are seen as a growing problem for surface water quality. PharmaFilter develops technology that enables hospitals to improve logistic processes around waste at lower costs. It aims towards higher purification of waste water whilst generating energy at the same time. The implementation of the Pharmafilter concept leads to significant savings, thus limiting the return on investment period. Pharmafilter is now considered a highly relevant technology for tackling medical drug residues in surface water.

A Pharmafilter can be realised in existing as well as in new buildings. The Pharmafilter concept was demonstrated at the Reinier de Graaf Hospital in Delft and is now used by several Dutch hospitals.


  • Reinier de Graaf Groep
  • Regional water board Delfland
  • Pharmafilter


  • LIFE+
  • Innovation programme KRW
  • Subsidieregeling Milieugerichte Technologie (SMT)
  • Project grant VWS
  • WBSO
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