Omnigen B.V.

Omnigen B.V., located in Rotterdam, focuses on both scientific research and services within the fields of genetics and bioinformatics. Omnigen’s business philosophy is that technology is one of the most import forces in improving people’s lives. Thanks to the current knowledge level of DNA and genetic engineering, the processes in the human body are being understood better by the day.

DNA software for medical purposes

With backgrounds in bioinformatics and genetics, Omnigen is an expert in translating the latest scientific research into practical actions. By working closely with experts within the field of activity, Omnigen actively keeps innovating. With just a little saliva, Omnigen can analyse your DNA. Did you know that just a little bit of Saliva contains about 200 gigabyte of information? For your image formation; that’s about 27 phonebooks full of information. The data does not have any specific value by itself, however by developing smart software novel and hitherto unseen links can be made.

Genetics is a major research area within cancer research. Some people seem to have a genetic predisposition for cancer, furthermore, cancer cells themselves often have strange DNA structures. Because these cells divide in an unbridled fashion, many errors and irregularities arise in the DNA. Omnigen is convinced that these errors may be leveraged in finding a specific treatment on a personal level.

Eurostars for market-oriented R&D

To use this wealth of genetic information, Omnigen has started a project for initiating a clinical decision-making and support platform for pancreatic cancer. Omnigen has received funding for this project from the European grant programme Eurostars. Doctors and researchers can easily consult the platform, called IMedFrame. The platform is in fact a major medical genetic database, which helps to identify and determine a medical treatment strategy for people diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Hezelburcht coordinated the whole Eurostars grant application for Omnigen and her partners.

We have experienced the collaboration with Hezelburcht as pleasant. Thanks to the scientific background of the grant experts, we have been able to submit a high quality project application. We recommend working with Hezelburcht for grant advice and acquisition! - Omnigen B.V.

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