The LIFE NEW HYTS project demonstrates the local production, distribution and application of green hydrogen in road transport. The aim of the project is to create the right conditions for the rapid introduction of green hydrogen-powered heavy-duty vehicles and trucks.

The EU’s aim is to make road transport as emission-free as possible by 2050. In this context, hydrogen is seen as one of the most promising clean alternatives. However, currently 95% of all hydrogen in the world is still produced from fossil fuels. There is a chicken-and-egg story: there are no hydrogen vehicles because there are no charging points, and there are no charging points because there are few vehicles to serve. In addition, there are no distribution systems and the production of green hydrogen is expensive. All of this creates an unattractive investment climate. LIFE NEW HYTS breaks the chicken-and-egg story by demonstrating a local production, distribution and use system with an attractive business case.

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The project takes place in the province of Utrecht, a major transport hub with the highest transport density in the Netherlands.  The expected results of the LIFE NEW HYTS project are:

  • A saving of 4082 tons of CO2 emissions per year
  • Installation and operation of a 2MW electrolyser producing green hydrogen
  • Commissioning of six zero-emission fuel cell electric (FCEVs) transport vehicles and six machines with dual-fuel (diesel/hydrogen) or zero-emission propulsion.
  • Developing policies to encourage the use of green hydrogen in the transportation sector
  • Collect data, provide practical support, generate a Life Cycle Assessment and a business case for the LIFE NEW HYTS project approach, which can facilitate a rapid transition to green hydrogen as a fuel for commercial vehicles.

LIFE NEW HYTS also demonstrates that this model can be replicated elsewhere. Within the project at least 5 municipalities in the province of Utrecht signed the brand new hydrogen covenant. Through replication actions in Bruges and North Rhine-Westphalia we are also looking at how other municipalities, both in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, can follow this example in order to lay the foundation for clean road transport on green hydrogen.


  • KWR
  • Hysolar
  • Provincie Utrecht
  • Jos Scholman
  • Van Heezik
  • Stamhuis Groep
  • Van den Heerik

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LIFE NEW HYTS: reNEWable green HYdrogen for TranSport

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