FUGA (Independent IP)

Independent IP, a Dutch technology provider for the music industry, is developing the FUGA platform to optimise the distribution of digital music. To finance the development of the platform, Independent IP has partnered with Hezelburcht. The FUGA platform is now used worldwide for digital music distribution. The platform has put Independent IP on the map as a leading player in the music industry and led to further growth of the company.

Successful WBSO applications

The collaboration between Independent IP and Hezelburcht has delivered successful WBSO applications for over six years in a row. Hezelburcht’s specialists are committed to unburdening Independent IP, allowing Independent IP to fully focus on the development of their innovative FUGA platform. Because Independent IP can focus on their core business, while Hezelburcht optimises grants, the FUGA platform has been developed at an accelerated pace and the company is growing significantly.

Collaboration Independent IP and Hezelburcht

This collaboration is a great example of how a good grant strategy can contribute to the development of an innovative product and the growth of a company. Hezelburcht looks forward to future collaborations with Independent IP!

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