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Worldwide there are over 300 million people visually impaired or blind. Living in a world that is designed for the seeing can be a big challenge. In 2017, two friends established Envision Technologies in order to give this group of people the power and means to live an independent life. A few years and a state-of-the-art innovation later, Envision began a partnership with the start-up Hable. Together they aim to offer the blind and visually impaired the opportunity to live a full and independent life in a visually oriented world.

Envision takes smart glasses to the next level

Envision developed artificial intelligence (AI) software for smart glasses. These glasses are able to describe the surroundings to the wearer. However, the technology even goes a step beyond simple descriptions: the Envision glasses are able to interpret the surroundings. For example, the glasses not only state that there is a train station display, but also what time the train leaves.

The Envision glasses are also a great communication tool. The wearer is able to contact friends and family with their smartphone in moments of need, for example when fitting new clothing or when lost in an unknown environment. The friend or family member can then watch along with the wearer via the glasses.

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Envision and Hable partner up

Although the technology is far advanced, some technical improvements are needed! The operating system of the glasses via a smartphone proved to be too complex. To ensure a user-friendly operating system and technology, Envision partnered up with Hable, a TU/e start-up that developed a Braille keyboard for smartphones and tablets. The Braille keyboard has six buttons with which a blind or visually impaired person can easily access and operate their smartphone. The aim is to combine the two technologies, Envision’s AI technology and Hable’s keyboard, and further optimize the smart glasses.

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Realizing ambitions with the MIT R&D

In order to fund the joint developments, Envision and Hable sought the services of Hezelburcht. With the help of our specialists, the two innovators were able to submit an application for the MIT R&D collaboration projects in the Dutch province of Zuid-Holland. Their project received a positive assessment! Hable and Envision are currently working side-by-side and are further developing their technologies in the hopes of making the world more accessible to the blind community!


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