New Dutch grant scheme for Circular Plastics published

Plastic is impossible to imagine society without. Yet major changes need to take place to keep using plastic. To this end, the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate has published a new scheme: Circular Plastics NL (CPNL). The aim is to make plastics fully circular through various programme lines. From 12 October 2023, you can submit your application.

Who is eligible for the Circular Plastics NL grant?

Partnerships consisting of at least one company and participants who can perform the mandatory roles belonging within the different topics are eligible for funding.

CPNL’s different programme lines

The programme lasts eight years and also has eight programme lines. The programme lines focus on bottlenecks in different value chains to close cycles for existing plastics. The CPNL programme lines are:

  • System integration and design;
  • Characterisation, sorting and washing;
  • Mechanical recycling of polyolefin packaging;
  • Recycling of styrene-based materials;
  • Chemical depolymerisation;
  • Thermochemical recycling;
  • Incubator;
  • Brightlands Circular Space.

Applying for Circular Plastics NL

The grant will reimburse 25% to 100% (!) of eligible costs. You can submit your application from 12 October 2023 to 11 January 2024.

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