Innovative Health Initiative (IHI) to launch at least 30 large-scale health innovation projects by 2030

The successor of the pharma-led Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), the Innovative Health Initiative (IHI), aims to launch at least 30 large-scale cross-sector health innovation projects by 2030. The goal is to contribute to the creation of an EU-wide ecosystem for translating research into improvements in healthcare. Are you currently developing a health innovation that offers a solution to unmet public health needs? Then IHI might be of interest to you!

The goal of the Innovative Health Initiative

The European Union (EU) is strong when it comes to biomedical science and already has world-leading healthcare systems. However, it underperforms when it comes to translating research results into health products, services and prevention strategies. The European Commission (EC) has therefore drafted a plan for the new IHI partnership that is due to launch in 2022.

The IHI will have a budget of around € 2.2 billion, of which € 1.2 billion will be coming from Horizon Europe and € 1 billion from industry. Additionally, third-party industries, charities and foundations may invest in the partnership. The EC is also ready to match that funding source by up to € 200 million.

Projects that might be eligible

The new programme will build on twelve years’ worth of research in IMI and will go beyond pharmaceuticals to also include medical technology, diagnostics and digital health. Your project may be on of at least 30 large-scale projects that demonstrate at least five innovations that address unmet public health needs. The focus will shift to more digital, patient-centred innovations. Your project might be eligible if it fits within one of the following areas:

  • Expansion of knowledge on how diseases develop;
  • Integrating different paths of the health research landscape to provide more holistic care for patients;
  • Developing and demonstrating tools for more personalised, integrated health care;
  • Developing data standards for health care and enabling access to shared repositories of clinical and patient data;
  • Improving tools and methods used for assessing the added value of health interventions.

More information

The IHI partnership needs to be signed off by EU member states before it can get off the ground. The 27 governments are currently debating the details of the initiative, such as governance and total budget.

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