CINEA awards CEF Transport AFIF grant to 42 projects

CINEA, the European Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment, has selected the projects eligible for CEF Transport AFIF grant. The EU will support 42 projects with more than € 424 million in funding. These 42 projects are aimed at developing and improving alternative fuel infrastructure.

The EU is working hard on realising an alternative fuel infrastructure

Since the launch of the AFIF programme, the European Commission has granted more than € 1.3 billion in grants to countless projects. This has already resulted in 26,396 electric charging points, 202 hydrogen filling stations and the electrification of ground operations of 63 airports. These are some excellent statistics that are truly making a difference in realising a sustainable transport sector!

Background CEF Transport

CEF Transport is the European Commission’s main programme for improving the Trans-European Transport Network. This programme runs from 2021 to 2027, making as much as € 25.81 billion in grant funding available during that period. Each year there are several calls for new project proposals, with some calls having a specific focus area. For example, the CEF Transport – Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) call for proposal, is aimed at realising an alternative fuels infrastructure.

Making an impact gives us energy

Our specialists are incredibly motivated to help clients obtain these kinds of grant successes. Not because of the high grant amount, or the strong competition, but also because by doing so, we actually make a lot of impact in making the European society more sustainable. That gives us a lot of energy! We are proud to have supported one of the awarded projects of this latest CEF AFIF call.

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