CETPartnership call 2023 for international collaborations open for applications

The European Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) has published a broad international call to contribute to Europe’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050. CETPartnership is a multilateral strategic partnership of national and regional programmes for research, development of innovation in European Member States and Associated Countries. You can submit your Pre-Proposal for the CETPartnership call 2023 until 22 November 2023. The deadline for complete applications is 27 March 2024.

Which projects are eligible for the CETPartnership call 2023?

Within the 2023 CETPartnership call, researchers can apply for funding through NWO for projects within the following themes:

  • Improving CO2 capture technologies in the industrial and energy sectors. For example, direct air capture, subsurface geostorage and carbon utilisation.
  • Sustainability, circularity, environmental impact and integration with local, regional and/or industrial energy systems using, for example, energy storage or digitisation

Specific additional requirements apply for the 3 call modules that are eligible for NWO funding:

  • (CM2023-04) Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS);
  • (CM2023-08) Integrated regional energy system;
  • (CM2023-09) Integrated industrial energy system.

Terms and conditions

Consortia with participants from at least three participating countries of which there must be at least two participants from different EU Member States or EU Associated Countries can apply for the grant. One partner in the consortium is allowed to carry a maximum of 60% of the project. You can apply for NWO funding for a maximum of one project.

Apply for CETPartnership call 2023

You can submit your Pre-Proposal until 22 November 2023. From 25 January to 27 March 2024, you can submit your full application. A total maximum of € 650.000 can be applied for the following eligible costs:

  • Research and development costs;
  • Equipment costs;
  • Travel and accommodation costs.

The maximum project duration is three years.

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