For whom?

Cooperating organisations in EU

For what?

Demonstrating energy innovations

When to apply?

Submission of pre-proposals from 20 September to 22 November 2023

CETPartnership advice

Do you want to collaborate with an international partner on an innovative energy project? With the Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership), you get a grant to cooperate with another company from abroad to demonstrate an energy innovation at your location.

Who can apply for CETPartnership?

Participating partners in a project can be public or private organisations. A partnership consists of at least three different organisations, from three different countries. Of which at least two are from an EU Member State or Associated Country. One partner in the consortium may carry a maximum of 60% of the project.

What projects are eligible?

Innovation projects eligible for CETPartnership focus on one of 12 Call Modules. These modules contribute to 10 goals of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. You get a grant for research costs, for the purchase of equipment and even for travel and accommodation costs. The project must be started by 15 December 2024, and completed within 36 months at the latest.

This grant opportunity gives you the chance to demonstrate your innovation in cooperation with a foreign partner to a wider audience and investors. A great opportunity to get your product to the energy market faster!

Call Modules of CETPartnership in 2023

In 2023, your project must fit within one of these modules:

  • Call Module CM2023-01: Direct current (DC) technologies for power networks
  • Call Module CM2023-02: Energy system flexibility: renewables production, storage and system integration
  • Call Module CM2023-03 (A/B): Advanced renewable energy technologies for power production
  • Call Module CM2023-04: Carbon capture, utilisation, and storage (CCUS)
  • Call Module CM2023-05: Hydrogen and renewable fuels
  • Call Module CM2023-06: Heating and cooling technologies
  • Call Module CM2023-07: Geothermal energy technologies
  • Call Module CM2023-08: Integrated regional energy systems
  • Call Module CM2023-09: Integrated industrial energy systems
  • Call Module CM2023-10 (A/B): Clean energy integration in the built environment

CETPartnership applications in 2023

CETPartnership 2023 is now closed for proposals. The deadline was on 27 March 2024.

Support from Hezelburcht

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