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Entrepreneurs and researchers with international ambitions

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Environmental innovation projects

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Are you currently working on an environmental innovation project alongside international partners? Or are you interested in demonstrating your innovation and do you want to involve international partners? Find out how you can acquire additional funding through Clean Energy Transition Partnership (CETPartnership) to realise these ambitions.

For whom and what is CETPartnership

Entrepreneurs and researchers can use this programme to collaborate with both national and foreign partners on small or large-scale environmental innovations. These innovations must offer a valuable contribution to the energy and climate transition of the participating countries. In addition, projects must be in line with one of the following focus themes:

  • Integrated net-zero-emissions energy system
  • Enhanced zero emission power technologies
  • Enabling climate neutrality with storage technologies, renewable fuels and CO2 capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS)
  • Efficient zero emission heating and cooling solutions
  • Integrated regional energy systems
  • Integrated industrial energy systems
  • Integration in the built environment

When to apply for funding

The CETPartnership Joint Call 2022 consists of two phases and covers 11 call modules, each with their own topics and challenges. Do you want to submit an application? Then your proposal must correspond to a specific call module. The call opens for pre-proposals as of 14 September 2022. Project proposals can be submitted until 23 November 2022. In January 2023 you will be informed whether you and your partners can submit a full application. Full proposals can then be submitted until 20 March 2023 (closed). In June 2023, CETPartnership will inform you whether your project will be granted.

Learn more about CETPartnership

Do you have international ambitions? And are you curious as to whether your innovation qualifies for funding from CETPartnership? Discover the possibilities of this programme. The specialists at Hezelburcht have experience with preparing, submitting and guiding applications from partnerships (both large and small) consisting of participants from various countries. No challenge is too big for them!

Please contact us at 088 495 20 00 or info@hezelburcht.com for more information or an introductory meeting free of charge. We will be pleased to help you realise your sustainability ambitions.


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