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The Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is a Dutch organisation that raises money and funds cancer related projects. The central aim of KWF is less cancer, more cure, and a better quality of life for cancer patients. As KWF states it: Cancer research is the best way to make real progress in cancer control.

KWF funds projects ranging from basic to epidemiological, translational, clinical and psychosocial research. In this way, KWF speeds up bringing findings from fundamental research towards clinical and practical applications. Ultimately, this will lead to combating cancer and actually improving survival and patients’ quality of life.

KWF – Research and Implementation programme

The KWF programme is mainly aimed at projects coordinated by knowledge institutes. However, collaborations with companies are encouraged. The available funding instruments are briefly described below.

Available funding instruments

  • Research projects | Grant applications can be submitted for defined research proposals with a ‘limited’ scale. Projects should focus on the exploration, development and implementation phase. The average duration of a project is approximately four years. Collaboration is not mandatory for this financial instrument. The average grant contribution is € 500,000 per project.
  • Unique high risk projects | For testing the feasibility of ground-breaking, not yet fully thought-out ideas. The instrument offers opportunities for research into non-existing research lines with a mainly theoretical or practical basis but low burden of proof. This instrument thus focuses on high risk projects with a high potential to lead to scientific breakthroughs. Average duration of a project is one to two years. The average grant contribution is € 150,000 per project.
  • Research consortia | This instrument is designed for complex collaboration projects that focus on pioneering cancer research on a large scale. Projects have an average duration of four to six years. The exact terms and conditions for this instrument depend on various factors, such as the number of participating organisations and expected budget (often > € 1,000,000). Companies can be a partner in these proposals.
  • Young Investigator Grant | This instrument is a personal grant especially designed for young, high-potential researchers to ‘feed’ the oncological research field with new research lines. With this grant excellent post-doctoral researchers, resident physicians, or medical specialists early in their scientific careers can co-finance their research for approximately four years. A proposal for this instrument has to be made within 5 years after obtaining a PhD.  The average grant contribution is € 500,000 per project.

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