Interreg Europe

For whom?

Public organisations, but also private parties and NGOs

For what?

Collaborative projects focusing on development, knowledge and research


Up to 80% of the project costs

More information on Interreg Europe

The Interreg Europe programme supports governments in improving regional development policies, instruments and programmes. By exchanging ideas and experiences, authorities in all 27 EU countries, Switzerland and Norway can jointly develop new policy instruments. The Interreg Europe programme is primarily for public organisations, but private parties and NGOs can also participate as partners in a project.

The third call will be open for applications from 20 March until 7 June 2024.

Budget and grant contribution Interreg Europe 2021–2027

There is a total budget of € 379 million available for the period 2021–2027. It is expected that over 80% of this budget will go to projects that contribute to the objective of a greener, smarter and more social Europe. However, the programme stimulates collaborative projects and knowledge platforms on all Cohesion policy themes:

  • A more competitive and smarter Europe;
  • A greener, more decarbonised and more resilient Europe;
  • A more connected Europe;
  • A more social and inclusive Europe;
  • A Europe closer to citizens;
  • Better regional governance and administration.

Participating countries

All European Union Member States, as well as Switzerland and Norway, can participate in an Interreg Europe project. However, Switzerland and Norway are not allowed to participate as ‘lead partners’. A project must include at least one participant from the following geographic areas:

Geographical areas Countries covered
North Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden
East Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia
South Croatia, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain
West Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Switzerland

How much funding can you get with Interreg Europe?

Funding can go up to 80% of the project costs for governments, knowledge institutions and other public parties. For private parties and NGOs funding can go up to is 70%. Participants from Norway can receive up to 50% co-financing. The co-financing rate for Switzerland is still unknown.

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