Natalie Dikken, MSc

Natalie Dikken, MSc


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Natalie has been working for Hezelburcht since May 2022, at the Amsterdam location. After having completed a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience at the University of Amsterdam, she graduated with a Master’s degree in Health Sciences, specialised in the domain of Nutrition and Health at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). Next, she completed an additional semester of the Master’s Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen, delving deep into topics involving the gut microbiome and gut-brain interaction. With her multidisciplinary background spanning the brain, nutrition, and the interaction therebetween, she actively supports the team Life Sciences, Health & Food.

Speaking at events and thereby sharing my passion with others is something which I profoundly enjoy. That which spurs my enthusiasm at Hezelburcht is precisely the application of this: supporting others in carrying out innovative research which has the potential to make this world a healthier place.

In my leisure time, I spend a committed six days a week either at kickboxing, beach volleyball, squash, yoga, or practicing other fun sports. I am also passionate about saunas, health-related podcasts, speaking Spanish, and fun (cultural) activities and drinks with friends.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since May 2022


  • Biomedical Sciences (semester): Specialisation in the gut microbiome and gut-brain interaction (MSc) | University of Groningen
  • Health Sciences: Nutrition and Health (MSc) | Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • Neurosciences: Honors programme (BSc) | University of Amsterdam


Life Sciences, Health & Food


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