Joëlle Vos, MSc

Joëlle Vos, MSc


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Joëlle received her MSc in Medical Biology at Radboud University Nijmegen in 2016. During her studies she worked in forensic medicine, focussing on the oligodendrocyte population in the hippocampus of the alcoholic brain at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. She moved on to a project studying the lipase metabolism in carnivore fish, in collaboration with the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research in Bergen, Norway. Hereafter, she continued her academic career towards innovation management. This brought her back to Karolinska, where she studied the dynamic collaboration between academia and Big Pharma. Working as a consultant at Hezelburcht since 2017, she pursues her passion for Life Sciences in a wide variety of projects on a regional, national and international level aimed at both companies and universities.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since February 2017


  • Medical Biology, Science Management & Innovation (MSc) | Radboud University
  • Biology (BSc) | Radboud University


Life Sciences, Health & Food


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