Gijs Bruijsten, BEng

Gijs Bruijsten, BEng


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During his bachelor studies, Gijs developed into a creative marketing and communication specialist. He has specialized in user experience and design of websites. Gijs is an all-round specialist because of his knowledge, experience and executive qualities.

The variation in the activities as Manager Marketing & Communication at Hezelburcht is what I like so much. Every day is different and do I face new challenges. The combination of my studies work very well in this job. On one hand I need my technical knowledge or creativity and on the other hand I need my theoretical and communicative knowledge. It’s a unique challenge due to the different areas of expertise and organisations. 

Working at Hezelburcht

Since September 2018


  • Bachelor Communication & Multimedia Design (BEng) | Avans Hogeschool ’s-Hertogenbosch
  • Interactive design | Sint Lucas Eindhoven


Online marketing, Design, Development & Content


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