Auke Willems, BSA

Auke Willems, BSA


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Auke joined Hezelburcht in September 2022. She studied HRM at the Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen and gained the necessary HR experience in her previous job.

In my previous job, I laid a strong and broad foundation for my HR career. At Hezelburcht, I want to have even more contact with colleagues and continuously think creatively about HR policy. I can be described as a helpful, empathetic and creative person with a high sense of responsibility and an eye for detail. I conducted several studies, including: ‘binding, engaging and retaining Milennial paediatric nurses’ and ‘Working from home and vitality: the new hybrid work concept’. I find it very interesting to delve into such issues.

In my spare time, I love watching series, reading books and especially eating good food. Thus, my weekends are often packed with lunch and coffee dates. I also like to take trips abroad, do Hot Yoga and follow a course for Interior Designer as a hobby.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since September 2022


  • Human Resource Management: minor Happy Health Worklife | Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN)


HRM, Recruitment


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