Andrea Puschhof, PhD

Andrea Puschhof, PhD


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Andrea joined FirstBlue / Hezelburcht in April 2023. Andrea is a specialist in chemistry and sustainability. She has years of experience in applying for grants and funding programmes.

I was able to get to know the world of funding and grants while I was doing my doctorate in the field of electrocatalysis. Funding fascinates me because it makes innovative ideas possible and supports organisations in reaching their goals. For the last 12 years, I have applied for, evaluated or advised on grants in non-profit, public and private organisations. For me, at Hezelburcht, the international exchange with experts from a wide variety of disciplines and the associated synergies are the perfect starting point for solving today’s societal challenges.

Working at Hezelburcht

Since April 2023


  • Chemistry (BSc, MSc, Promotion) | Ruhr University Bochum
  • Educational sciences (BA) | FernUniversität in Hagen


Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Sustainability, Start-Ups


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