ZENS Wireless Charging

ZENS is a young and innovative company specialised in the development of wireless charging products for mobile phones and is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The company was founded by brothers Johan and Erik Plasmans in 2011. In the past few years, the company has grown significantly in both sales and employees, supported by a large flexible layer of regional knowledge providers.

From its location on the High Tech Campus, they not only do business in the province of Brabant; ZENS customer portfolio includes several well-known retail companies such as CoolBlue, MediaMarkt and Dixons. In the professional market, ZENS counts companies like Ikea, Ahrend, Lexus and SEDUS among its clients.

More and more companies are only now entering the wireless charging market, giving ZENS a considerable lead with its specialised expertise. The aforementioned multinationals regularly approach ZENS for the exchange of knowledge or delivery of products. ZENS is therefore one of the hottest young companies in the Brainport Region.

Innovation grants

Hezelburcht has enabled ZENS to grow even further through supporting ZENS in obtaining tax scheme incentives, such as the WBSO and Innovation Box. ZENS was awarded financing from the ‘Stimuleringsfonds’ grant in 2015, which underlines the potential and innovative power of these driven entrepreneurs within the partnership of 22 municipalities in the southeast Brabant region. In 2017, ZENS entered into a partnership with Bulo, a Belgian furniture designer and manufacturer, to realise a breakthrough in smart wireless charging in office space. In order to achieve this breakthrough, funding was awarded from the Crossroads 2 program from INTERREG. This program aims to promote bold innovation across national borders.

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