Water Board Brabantse Delta

Fish Migration

The migration patterns of various fish species are disrupted by weirs, pumping stations and other infrastructural works. These infrastructural works have been built in the past to regulate water management for agriculture. Solving fish migration barriers is very important within the area managed by the Water Board Brabantse Delta because the preservation of natural migration patterns is crucial to the survival of various species of migratory fish. This affects biodiversity in the region, as well as maintaining and restoring the ecosystem.

Migratory fish must be able to reach the regional water system and use it as a crossing point. To make this possible, management and design measures such as the construction of ecological connecting zones, stream and creek restoration, and fish passages will be implemented.


  • Water Board Brabantse Delta


  • European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (POP3) and STUW

Website with more information

  • https://www.brabantsedelta.nl/aanpak-vismigratieknelpunten
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