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Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning

The research programme of the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning of Utrecht University investigates urban issues in the context of an ongoing worldwide trend of increasing urbanisation. They aim at better understanding the urban system and contributing to the future success of cities.

This is done by paving the way for the transition towards a socially and economically sustainable and liveable urban future. The Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning thus has its focus on the enhancement of long-term economic developments of cities, how to cope with social inequalities and how to ensure a healthy urban living. Furthermore, they educate the next generation of researchers, teachers and policy makers in this field on BSc, MSc and PhD level.

Smart use of several grant opportunities

Their researchers submit proposals in a wide range of grant programmes. Individual researchers have successfully applied for grants such as the Dutch ‘NWO Vernieuwingsimpuls’ Veni and Vidi grants and the European Research Council Starting grants. These grants are meant to support excellent researchers in various stages of their research career. Additionally, researchers at this department apply for grants aimed at improving education such as the NWO Comenius Fellowship. Lastly, the department participates in grants for large consortia such as H2020.

Proud of the collaboration

Since 2016 Hezelburcht has supported researchers at the Department of Human Geography and Spatial Planning, mostly by reviewing their individual grants. The combination of the excellent research at the department with the extensive expertise of Hezelburcht resulted in a high success rate.

Hezelburcht has been of great importance to us over the past few years and has helped us strengthen our knowledge with regards to grant-writing and become more successful in our applications. - Julie Leijtens-Daems, Management Coördinator


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