Utrecht University & Delft University of Technology

Fast High-volume Infiltration

The infiltration of rainwater can be a good solution in case of flooding. The faster infiltration can take place, the less inconvenience will be caused by heavy rainfall. In return drainage situations, it was discovered that under certain circumstances, significantly more water can be infiltrated than current geohydrological models can account for. Currently, there is not yet a good explanation for this phenomenon.

In practice, well point dewatering companies can find the right conditions for rapid infiltration, but complications often occur. Therefore, a number of well point dewatering companies have taken the initiative to ask universities to seek an explanation for the phenomenon of rapid infiltration. STW-OTP gave them the opportunity to set up a more in-depth scientific research on a larger scale.


  • Utrecht University
  • Delft University of Technology


  • Bouten Nederland BV
  • Hölscher Wasserbau GmbH
  • P.J. de Vet & zonen Mill bv
  • Fugro GeoServices B.V.
  • Theo van Velzen grondboortechniek en bronbemaling (auger drilling technology and dewatering company)
  • Henk van Tongeren bronbemaling (dewatering company)


STW Open Technology Programme (OTP)

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