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When a pregnant woman experiences an infection such as a cold, flu, or COVID-19, it can have an effect on her baby’s development. Scientists think this is because the infection causes brain networks in the baby to develop less well. The PRINDOUT consortium, consisting of brain experts, pediatricians, and immunologists from Utrecht University, UMC Utrecht and Radboud UMC, will investigate this question with a ZonMW Open Competition funding of € 937,500.

Effects of infections during pregnancy on development

The PRINDOUT project makes use of data obtained within the YOUth cohort on child development. This data includes blood from pregnant women, blood from the umbilical cord and extensive information about the child’s (brain) development. By extracting information from the blood samples about infections experienced during pregnancy and linking this to how a child develops, the researchers can draw valuable conclusions about how infections during pregnancy affect a child’s development.

Hezelburcht specialist Marlieke van Kesteren has been involved in the PRINDOUT application from the start: from forming the consortium, through helping with writing the pre and main application, to supporting the interview preparation. In doing so, a good relationship was developed between the consortium members and Hezelburcht. Marlieke wishes them success in carrying out this important research.

A better start for all children

The results of this study may lead to new guidelines for pregnant women, for example related to vaccinations advise during pregnancy. In addition, the research will provide important insights into how factors during pregnancy can affect children’s development. Insights that can also be used to give children the best possible start in life.

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