Seervision AG

Seervision AG is a spin-off founded in 2016 by the Automatic Control Laboratory of ETH Zürich, developed through research in the field of camera control. The company core business is focused on developing automation robots and software for professional event video productions. With their broad experience in the field of computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Seervision will revolutionize the video production industry being the only player offering level 5 automation for camera systems.

Seervision’s innovation: prediction of skeletal motion

Seervision is currently developing a software module that is able to estimate 3D vision-based motion from skeletal kinematics and 2D camera frames. This software module will be used to accurately predict skeletal motion for a maximum of 2 seconds in the future. By prediction of future skeletal positions, future robotic camera trajectories can be designed and optimized to deliver higher levels of autonomy of live camera movements. This functionality supports Seervision’s development of a fully autonomous plug-and-play video production pipeline that will disrupt the cost structure of today’s video productions.

The product allows to create top-notch video footage and at the same time cuts costs by 40-50%, which translates into unlocking professional video’s for a huge range of new segments like small sized local events and remote studio productions.

SME Innovation Associate – pilot (H2020 SME IA)

With the SME Innovation Associate grant innovative SME’s can hire skilled people who are not available on the national labor market for a certain innovation project (e.g. because necessary skills are not present or affordable). This call offers the unique chance to hire a postdoc for a period of one year to identify the potential of the company’s innovation idea and to possibly start an innovation project. Therefore it allows for turning an idea into innovation strategies and subsequent research and innovation projects.

The innovation associate (IA) at Seervision will be working on preparation of functional requirements for the skeletal model, as well as development of the 3D skeletal motion prediction model and testing or training the model. Afterwards the model will be translated into an algorithm for steering Seervision’s camera technology and robotics autonomously.

Successful contribution of Hezelburcht

Hezelburcht has successfully supported Seervision in applying for the SME Innovation Associate grant with a full score proposal. The grant was awarded in June 2020. Currently, Hezelburcht is exploring other European funding opportunities for Seervision to further stimulate their innovation and growth.

Working with the team at Hezelburcht was extremely smooth! From start to finish everything was clear and well organised. - Nikos Kariotoglou, Co-founder

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