Nippon Gases

The Japanese company Nippon Gases is a world leader when it comes to the production of industrial gases. As a result, the multinational – established in 1920 and now active in over 15 countries – is in the top five worldwide suppliers of industrial gases.

Utilizing dry ice

One of the products Nippon Gases produces in Dordrecht, the Netherlands, is dry ice. The product is supplied to the food, healthcare and chemistry industry and is used for transporting for instance frozen food, medicine for the pharma industry and vaccines. Dry ice, as the name implies, has the useful property of not leaving any liquid residue behind when melting. Due to this, the product is perfect for the abovementioned and other similar applications.

Renewal of the production process

Dry ice is being produced by exposing carbon dioxide (CO2) to intense pressure within certain atmospheric conditions in a so-called snow room. The gases are transformed into ‘CO2-snow’. The snow is then pressed into disks or grains. Nippon Gases aims to enhance the process by making it more sustainable. To do so, Nippon Gases wants to set up an installation that transforms a portion of carbon emissions into new raw materials. The end goal: reduce carbon emission and save on the supply of resources.

Collaboration between Nippon Gases and Hezelburcht

It will take some time before the investments in a more sustainable production process will generate returns. To cover some of the costs of the investments, Nippon Gases called in the help of Hezelburcht. With the support of the Hezelburcht specialists, Nippon Gases applied for the Dutch ‘Versnelde Klimaatinvesteringen Industrie (VEKI)’ grant. The company was awarded a significant grant to realize the installation. The sustainable investments are expected to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 10.000 tonnes per year. 

The specialists at Hezelburcht supported Nippon Gases with creating a strong and successful VEKI grant proposal. Hezelburcht is proud of the collaboration and wishes Nippon Gases good luck with the continuation of the project!

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