To allow new medicines to be brought to the market quicker and safer, there is an urgent need for sophisticated in-vitro assays to test the efficacy and toxicity of compounds without the use of animal testing. Furthermore, since medicines affect multiple tissues, it is essential to test them in-vitro in interconnected 3D tissue structures of multiple organs. Today, such in-vitro organ network platforms are not yet available.

H2020 SME phase I grant for InSphero

InSphero has the solution for this problem and intends to develop a new, modular and more industry friendly Organ-on-a-Chip concept with high potential for widespread industry acceptance. The technology platform will set a new standard for a wide range of cell-based pre-clinical tests. As such, InSphero aims to enable pharma and biotech companies to develop drugs in a faster and more efficient way, while animal testing can be reduced. InSphero has been selected by the European Commission (EC) to receive a financial contribution for this project via the SME phase I instrument.

Proud of collaborating

InSphero is a leading supplier of organotypic in-vitro 3D microtissues for predictive drug testing and has grown yearly by 40% in the past years. Hezelburcht is proud of the great collaboration with InSphero. The awarded grant contributes to the realisation of improved in-vitro tests which are opening doors for entirely new applications in the drug discovery field.

SME Instrument is a prestigious and highly competitive 2-Phase EC funding programme dedicated to accelerate market entry of high potential products or solutions. Knowing about the entry hurdles into the European Funding “Champions League” we entrusted Hezelburcht to coordinate and draft the grant application. The team has proven to be knowledgeable in numerous life science areas and targeted markets enabling them to transform a sketchy concept into a highly competitive grant application. We look forward to extend this successful relationship with Hezelburcht in the years to come. - InSphero

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