Honeywell & ClimaRad

The Dutch government has set itself the goal of making 30,000 to 50,000 existing homes gas-free each year. Heat loss is one of the major obstacles to making these existing homes gas-free. As a result, the heat demand is too high to supplement this with low temperature heating. Insulation can only partially solve this problem, because one of the main causes of heat loss remains even after insulation: ventilation.

Honeywell & ClimaRad collaboration project

Honeywell Customized Comfort Products and its partner ClimaRad (a leading developer and manufacturer of decentralised ventilation solutions) have therefore entered into collaboration. Together, they are developing and testing a decentralised, all-in-one ventilation and heating- and cooling-installation: the Ventura. This solution and technology will need to reduce heat loss through ventilation to such an extent that low temperature heating is sufficient to keep a home at the right temperature. This way, natural gas consumption can decrease sharply or possibly even disappear completely once homes are connected to heating networks.

The intelligent software and electronics of the Ventura will make it possible to coordinate ventilation, temperature and comfort directly from one device, reducing heat-loss to a minimum. The vertical version makes the Ventura easy to use in many places and very suitable for both existing and new homes.

Best project award

We are proud to announce that the Ventura project was awarded Best TKI Urban Energy project. Out of the 34 projects submitted, Honeywell and ClimaRad’s project came in first! Thanks to the grant that was awarded, the development of this project can proceed at a faster pace and the risk has been minimised.

Grants for energy saving innovations

The Netherlands has a wide range of grants available for energy innovation. These grants are meant to stimulate innovation regarding energy usage, production, sustainability and much more. Examples include the SDE+, DEI+ and Urban Energy grants. Hezelburcht assists innovative companies in making optimal use of these grants in order to help them realise their growth ambitions.

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