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Supporting the coordinators of volunteer initiatives by developing learning materials.

Project description

With the ageing of the population, there are more and more volunteer initiatives that organize support for vulnerable elderly people in neighbourhoods. Examples of volunteer support range from running errands, chores around the house or providing a complete meal service or mobility service in the neighbourhood.

These volunteer initiatives in the neighbourhood are coordinated by enthusiastic coordinators, often also volunteers, or a professional from a care or welfare organization in the neighborhood.

The Erasmus+ Community Care project aims to support these coordinators through the development of learning materials. Coordinators indicate that they often lack competencies to perform their work well, especially in the areas of volunteer management, stakeholder collaboration, digital tools, and fundraising.

The Community care partners will develop digital (micro) learning materials on these themes in co-creation with the coordinators in 4 languages (Dutch, Spanish, Slovenian and English). The results are made available online in a low-threshold manner.

This way, Community Care strengthens the competences of coordinators and increases the impact of volunteer initiatives for vulnerable elderly people.



  • Leyden Academy (NL)
  • Fundación Harena (ES)
  • Deos (SL)
  • Allyoucanlearn (NL)
  • Zavod As (SL)


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