Circl by ABN AMRO

Circular pavilion: a laboratory for innovation

On the fifth of September, ABN AMRO opens ‘Circl’, an innovative building in the southern business district of Amsterdam. Although circular construction is strongly emerging over recent years, Circl is one of the first circular buildings in the world. The bank hereby presents itself as an ambassador of circular construction. Together with several architects, consultants, the Technical University of Delft and suppliers, ABN AMRO is working on a new generation of sustainable construction solutions. Circl can be seen as a leading example of both sustainable as circular construction.

BREAAM-NL certificate for Circl

Thanks to the revolutionary circular design of the construction, ABN AMRO received a BREAAM-NL certificate with an exceptional score. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) is an instrument for measuring and assessing the sustainability performance of buildings. Factors such as material use, waste management and energy consumption are included in the assessment of the certificate. In many ways, Circl is a unique construction. The roof for example contributes to biodiversity, because it is covered with soil and grass. Moreover, solar panels are attached to the roof and wooden roof edges. In addition, parts of the façade are designed in such a way that new materials can be added to the building in the future. This makes it possible to explore even more sustainable application possibilities. These are just a few examples of circular construction, that resulted in a BREEAM-NL certificate for the innovative bank building. This certificate not only reflects the exceptional level of the sustainability performance, having a BREAAM certificate also offers various grant opportunities.

Grants gain momentum for sustainable innovations

Both Dutch and European governmental institutions stimulate a more sustainable society by investing in innovative and environment friendly initiatives. The grants they provide, gain momentum for sustainable innovations. Within Circl, sustainable innovations are being stimulated. A living lab has been set up to provide room for experiments and the testing of sustainable innovations. ABN AMRO hereby creates a flexible development platform that represents the idea’s, concepts and strategies of the future toward a circular economy.


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