Reduction of administrative burden in process tools


The aim of this project is to reduce the administrative burden for the use of aids in district nursing.

Project description

To be able to continue to offer high-quality care in the face of an increasing demand for care and shortages on the labour market, Careyn is increasingly focusing on digital tools in district nursing. Medicine dispensers, robots to support day structure, and video calling solutions are slowly becoming part of Careyn’s care offer for the elderly in the neighbourhood. Partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the further upscaling of these solutions has proceeded quickly. The aim is to help the elderly to live at home longer and to maintain their own control as much as possible.

Together with providers of these aids and employees from district nursing, an application and registration process has been set up. On the basis of this process, all administrative actions are carried out by the district nurse for the deployment, registration, monitoring and, if necessary, removal of digital tools. These administrative actions are still separate from the care process, in which district nurses also spend a lot of time filling in forms and checklists. Research has already shown that healthcare professionals spend up to thirty percent of their time on administrative burdens.

In this project, Careyn will reduce the administrative burden for the use of aids in district nursing. The process for the use of aids is streamlined with the primary care process of the district nursing and more integrated within the electronic client file (ECD). Careyn eliminates all unnecessary administrative actions, prevents double registrations and ensures an unambiguous and clear work process. The district nursing can focus more on the client and his / her need for support by aids. The quality of care improves and the self-direction and self-reliance of clients increases.




Grant scheme Support District Nursing round 2 (SOW)

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