In Europe alone, 250 million tonnes of mixed household waste streams are produced annually. Roughly 55% of this waste is non-recyclable. At present, there are no sustainable solutions for reusing the waste. Therefore, the waste is often incinerated or dumped on landfill sites.

BI-Energy is a Dutch innovation firm focussed on the exploration, development and integration of renewable and sustainable forms of energy. Although many initiatives for waste-recycling have been proposed in the past, none were the solution for the conversion of low-quality mixed waste streams without the need for intensive treatment. BI-Energy offers a mobile, decentralised and innovative technical solution, allowing mixed waste streams to be converted into valuable forms of energy. These can then be utilised as new resources by industry.

BI-Energy has received financing from the SME instrument of the Horizon 2020 European grant programme for the development of their business case for the market introduction. This is aimed at all public and private waste companies in Europe. The long-term ambition is to convert at least 50% of all non-recyclable waste streams. Hezelburcht presided over various successful grant applications for the development during the innovation process. In addition, we also prepared and submitted the SME phase 1 application.

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