Astronergy – Chint Solar

Astronergy – Chint Solar is one of the world’s biggest downstream photovoltaic (PV) project developers. As a specialized subsidiary of the CHINT group, the company is grounded in science and technology. The CHINT group is one of the leading solar companies in China, providing solar power system solutions on a large scale.

Worldwide supplier of PV power plants

Worldwide supplier Astronergy / Chint Solar is active in the field of the PV power station development and PV module production. The company builds solar plants all over the world. For example, there are plants located in Thailand, Spain, United States, India, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa and Japan. Astronergy owns solar power plants with an approximate total capacity of 3 GigaWatts. Since the company has launched the residential rooftop power station solution in the past two years, more than 30.000 of them have been installed.

The power plants are positioned all over the world. As a globally operating company Astronergy / Chint Solar keeps expanding their activities in The Netherlands. Hezelburcht supports Astronergy’s ambition to increase their impact on the Dutch energy transition.

SDE+ for the production of renewable energy

Hezelburcht supports the full application process for the Stimulation of Sustainable Energy Production (SDE+). Our services contain the full SDE+ grant application process. This consists of a market analysis leading to a strategic SDE+ base amount settlement, the preparation and submission of the applications, the execution of the compliance and a timely notification when legislative alterations occur. Next to that, Hezelburcht has identified and communicated the available grant schemes in The Netherlands and Europe.

Hezelburcht has been instrumental in supporting our business growth in the Netherlands. With a deep knowledge in the energy market and regulatory framework, Hezelburcht is well equipped to advise and support SDE+ preparation and submission, supporting us to successfully place our projects in each auction round. - Bernardo Silvestre, Head of Business Development Europe at Astronergy/Chint Solar

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