Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography

The European Research Council (ERC) encourages the highest quality research in Europe through competitive funding and supports investigator-driven frontier research across all fields. The ERC Starting Grants in particular are designed to support researchers of any nationality in establishing their independence in research. One such researcher who was awarded with the prestigious ERC grant is Dr. Peter Kraus for his ANACONDA project.

The ANACONDA project by Dr. Peter Kraus

Dr. Peter Kraus is an assistant professor of physics at VU Amsterdam and works as tenure track leader of the High-Harmonic Generation Group at Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography (ARCNL). His ERC Starting Grant proposal ANACONDA is aimed at building the world’s first attosecond microscope to follow ultrafast nanoscale material modifications between insulating and conducting states of a novel class of materials – the strongly correlated materials. These materials hold great promise in future semiconductor electronics beyond silicon-based devices, due to their exotic properties that cannot be described by conventional theories. However, dynamic and spatial understanding is critical to control the state transition and guide the synthesis of new strongly correlated materials. The ANACONDA microscope will achieve this at an unprecedented time resolution at the attosecond (10-18 sec) level, and a spatial resolution at the nanometer level (10-9 m).

Peter Kraus image

ANACONDA receives an ERC grant of € 2 million

Dr. Kraus received a prestigious € 2.0 million (€ 1.5 million grant and € 0.5 million extension) from the ERC to perform his research. He will perform this at the ARCNL in Amsterdam. Read more about Dr. Kraus and his research project in this news article by ARCNL. Hezelburcht has supported Dr. Kraus by reviewing his ERC Starting Grant proposal in multiple review rounds. We wish him all the best with the continuation of his project!

The support of Hezelburcht was very valuable, in particular the very helpful feedback on the overall structure and organization of the proposal. - Dr. Peter Kraus

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