New opportunities for excellent researchers: ERC announces its Work Programme for 2023

The European Research Council (ERC) has announced its Work Programme for 2023. This programme, with a total budget of around € 2.2 billion, offers funding opportunities for Europe’s excellent researchers. The Work Programme also introduces some new elements.

New elements in the ERC Work Programme 2023

The Work Programme contains all ERC grant schemes. However, there are also a few new elements:

  • The grant scheme Proof of Concept will have an increased budget of € 30 million instead of the usual € 25 million;
  • Are you a researcher seeking asylum or are you victim of a natural disaster? Two additional grounds for extension of the eligibility windows for the candidates for Starting and Consolidator Grants will be introduced for these researchers;
  • There will be a special grant to support the ERC Science Journalism Initiative. This entails support for journalists who wish to spend time at research institutions to better understand frontier research.

When to apply?

These are the tentative deadlines for this Work Programme. Mind you, both the Starting Grant and Synergy Grant are already open for applications.

GrantCall opensCall deadline (cut-off date)Indicative date for signature of grant agreements
Starting Grant12 July 202225 October 202223 December 2023
Consolidator Grant28 September 20222 February 20236 April 2024
Advanced Grant8 December 202223 May 202317 August 2024
Synergy Grant13 July 20228 November 20222 April 2024
Proof of Concept Grant20 October 202224 January 2023

20 April 2023

14 September 2023

7 September 2023

24 November 2023

19 April 2024

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