Innovation Fund for Small-scale projects 2023 is now open for proposals

The Innovation Fund has launched a third call for small-scale projects (IFSSC2023) on 30 March 2023. There is a large budget of € 100 million available for projects that focus on CO2-reducing or low-carbon technologies. Interested? Applications can be submitted until 31 August 2023 (TBC).

What kind of projects are eligible for IFSSC2023?

To be eligible for Innovation Fund small-scale projects in 2023, your project must focus on one of the following areas:

  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS);
  • Low-carbon technologies / processes in energy intensive industries;
  • Renewable energy generation;
  • Energy storage.

Your project must also show effectiveness of GHG emissions avoidance as well as a high degree of innovation. It must also be considered mature enough and will be assessed on scalability and cost efficiency. Is your project not considered mature enough, but does it meet the first two criteria (GHG emission avoidance and high degree of innovation)? Then you may be eligible for project development assistance. Finally, the project has a CAPEX of between € 2.5 and € 7.5 million.

What can I do already as an applicant?

Applicants wishing to apply to IFSSC2023 can complete the Self-Check Questionnaire – which is designed to support applicants in understanding the objectives, scope and key requirements of the Innovation Fund. At Hezelburcht, we can support your application and run through the questionnaire and better assess your project’s eligibility together.

Furthermore, you can register your attendance at the upcoming Info Day, being held on 20 April 2023.

Results of the first call

Curious what kind of small-scale projects received funding through Innovation Fund? Here you will find a complete list of the projects that were successful in the first round either in receiving funding or project development assistance. Below you will also see a map of awarded projects.

Innovation Fund image

In need of support for your IFSSC2023 application?

Our EU-specialists will be pleased to support you in drafting and submitting a strong project proposal for your Innovation Fund application. With their expertise and skills, you will be guaranteed the highest chance of success! Contact us for more information on our service/pricing of the upcoming small-scale call.

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