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The pillar ‘Societal Challenges’, part of the European grant programme Horizon 2020, brings together resources and knowledge to find innovative solutions to societal issues. One of the important challenges Europe is facing, is improving the welfare and health of her citizens by anticipating demographic changes. For the specific challenge ‘Health, Demographic Change and Wellbeing‘, mostly referred to as ‘Horizon Health’, in total 2 billion Euro is made available for calls opening in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Horizon Health themes and calls

Most calls within the Horizon 2020 Health programme focus on international consortia consisting of universities, companies and/or hospitals. Recently,  the final version of the Work Programme was published. We are pleased to inform you about the themes and priorities for the coming years. More specifically, the following overarching calls are defined. Each overarching call describes several specific topics for which you can apply with your project idea.

Better health and care, economic growth and sustainable health systems (BHC)

This overarching call has the following priorities:

  • Personalised medicine | This priority aims at moving towards personalised health and care solutions to benefit citizens.
  • Innovative health and care industry | This priority focuses on turning innovative knowledge and technologies into practical applications benefiting citizens, healthcare systems and businesses.
  • Infectious diseases and improving global health | This priority tackles infectious diseases and the health of vulnerable groups. The key expected impact of this priority is to prevent, detect and treat priority diseases worldwide.
  • Innovative health and care systems – Integration of care | This priority aims at developing effective, accessible and sustainable health interventions and integrated care systems.
  • Decoding the role of the environment for health and well-being | This priority assesses the impact of environment (i.e. factors external to the human body and to health and healthcare systems, including climate change) on health and well-being, and on the related socio-economic impacts.

Digital transformation in Health and Care (DTH)

This overarching call focuses on supporting health care and welfare management, while simultaneously stimulating citizens’ participation. In addition, the call ensures a breakthrough in the transition from traditional health and care services to digitized and personalized, community-based models. The future seeks for accessible, sustainable health and care systems that focus on eHealth, Mobile Health and IT applications, contributing to ‘Active and Health Aging’.

Trusted digital solutions and cybersecurity in Health Care

The purpose of this overarching call is to provide multidisciplinary technologies and solutions, with an emphasis on cyber security to ensure the privacy, security and protection of the infrastructure within healthcare institutes. Creating awareness about cybersecurity applications in hospitals and designing protocols to deal with cyber-attacks have a central role in this call.

  • Smart and healthy living at home | The focus should be on personalized, intelligent digital solutions that help maintaining and expanding a healthy and independent life. In addition, the solution should use personalized risk detection and interventions.
  • Toolkit for assessing and reducing cyber risks in hospitals and care centres to protect privacy/data/infrastructures
    | By deploying digital technologies, like Big Data, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence or Internet of Things, the IT infrastructures in the healthcare and hospitals are better protected. The call focuses on projects that help prevent cyber-attacks.

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