Hezelburcht establishes very own academy with SLIM grant

Hezelburcht is a progressive grant consultancy that, just like our clients, keeps on innovating. We try to constantly evolve and expand our services and ourselves. This requires funding, something we are most familiar with. In order to facilitate our own development, we submitted an application for the Dutch grant Stimuleringsregeling Leren en Ontwikkelen (SLIM grant). With success! Hezelburcht was granted funding in order to further develop our internal eductional and onboarding programme: the Hezelburcht Grant Academy!

The Hezelburcht Grant Academy

Our specialists are the driving force behind Hezelburcht. To guarantee they can bring out the best in themselves and our clients, we have to pursue a next level of professionality: not just as a consultancy, but as an employer as well. For that reason, we are concerned with developing a professional onboarding policy, creating a culture of learning and facilitating an internal ‘Grant Academy’ with a focus on knowledge regarding grants.

Education, development and achieving success: we know about ambition.

Realising ambitions: that is what drives us. We support clients in realising their goals, but also our own. Interested in learning whether you are a match for a dynamic job at Hezelburcht? Contact us to learn more about our organisation and interesting vacancies!

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Interested in a dynamic job at Hezelburcht? Contact us for more information about our current vacancies!

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Interested in a job at Hezelburcht? Contact us for more information about our current vacancies!