Hezelburcht and Publyon EU strengthen their cooperation

Hezelburcht and Publyon EU – based in Brussels – have been working together for several years. Publyon EU is part of Publyon, which is a strategic Public Affairs and Communication advisory group with offices in Brussels, The Hague, Utrecht, Copenhagen and New York. This cooperation puts us in an even better position to advise our clients about relevant developments at EU level (policies, regulations and funding & grant opportunities).

Broadening our services 

This cooperartion originated because we both work for the Port of Rotterdam, with Publyon EU focusing on policy and regulatory developments and Hezelburcht on grant developments (including overarching regulation) and supporting Port of Rotterdam in the preparation of grant applications. This regularly involves overlap or interaction between the two. After all, policy and regulatory developments inevitably affect (future) grant opportunities. In addition, we both have extensive networks within Brussels, which complement each other. By combining our knowledge and experience, we can broaden our services and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

About Publyon EU

Since 2012 Publyon EU supports organisations in navigating complex EU policy processes, getting their voice heard by policymakers, and building stakeholder coalitions to ensure they maintain their ‘license to operate’. To achieve this, Publyon EU believes it is essential to go beyond public affairs. That is why Publyon EU delivers tailored and impactful services for their clients, to ensure that their EU ambitions are met. These services include:

  • Policy Impact Scans;
  • EU Public Affairs Strategy;
  • EU Policy Monitoring;
  • Association management;
  • Sustainability consulting.

Publyon EU has developed expertise in three areas: sustainability / green transition, digital & tech, and transport & energy. For more information, visit Publyon’s website.

Joint provision of EU information and project promotion in Brussels

Hezelburcht and Publyon are increasingly joining forces, for example by co-organising workshops on the energy transition (including hydrogen) and promoting projects to relevant parties in Brussels in relation to the CEF Transport & Energy programme. For instance, last year we jointly promoted the Wunderline – the upgrade of the cross-border railway line between Groningen (Netherlands) and Bremen (Germany) – with several parties in Brussels, including, among others, DG Move and MEPs.

Publyon’s consultants are cut from the same cloth as those at Hezelburcht, which makes cooperation very pleasant. Publyon works professionally and always prepares meetings & workshops thoroughly. - European Affairs Manager Jeroen Plantinga (Hezelburcht)

Sharing the same office in Brussels

This year, Hezelburcht moved to a new office in Brussels, sharing the same office space as Publyon EU. As a result, we know how to find each other even better. In April, we held a joint workshop in this office space aimed at strengthening our collaboration.

Hezelburcht and Publyon

More responsive to EU developments

If your organisation wants to enhance its ability to address key challenges, such as the energy transition, by staying updated on policy and regulatory developments, as well as financing & subsidy opportunities, we – Hezelburcht and Publyon EU – are here to support you!

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