Foodvalley Summits 2020 | Shaping the future of food together

The Foodvalley Summits 2020 took place on the 13th of October, this time fully digital. The annual event was organised by Foodvalley NL to stimulate cooperation and innovation. The central theme of 2020: ‘Shaping the future of food together’!

Participants came together during the Summits to voice their opinion on how we can best shape the future of our foodsystem: SMEs, corporates, innovators, influencers, investors, suppliers, producers and all other interested parties joined the discussion. The event was also a time of celebration as three of the most innovative companies were awarded with the prestigious Foodvalley Champions award in the fields of Protein Shift, Food & Health and Circular AgriFood. Congratulations to all winners!

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Source: Foodvalley Summits

Protein Shift

Reducing overconsumption of animal proteins and stimulating the use of plant-based proteins has become more important than ever. The future of plant-based proteins for consumers was discussed during several webinars and table talks, in particular the development of plant-based substitutes for meat, fish and dairy. The goal is clear: what can we do to stimulate plant-based proteins among consumers?

Food & Health

A healthy life for everybody: that’s what Food & Health is all about. Start-ups and multinationals have innovative ideas to improve our quality of life. They can focus on the development of (healthier) products, but also try to stimulate health-consciousness among consumers. Some of the topics discussed were the development of personalised food, plant-based nutrition for athletes and the prevention of chronic illnesses with the use of correct nutrition.

Circular Agriculture

The category of Circular Agriculture was not discussed during the Summits as a result of circumstances.

Innovation grants for our foodsystem

Despite the current conditions that led to a digitial ‘visit’, the Summits were full of excitement and innovative ideas that can change the way we think of food and our foodsystem! Do you have an idea that could change the future of food? Grants can help you realise your ambitions. Contact us for the possibilities.

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