Bring your FET-open innovation to the market with the Innovation Launchpad

Did you recently finish your FET-open project, or are you about to finish in the coming 1-2 years? Would you like to continue with the results and turn them into genuine societal or economic innovations? FET-open Innovation Launchpad might be of great interest to you!

 Scope of FET-open Innovation Launchpad

The FET-open Innovation Launchpad focusses on the non-scientific aspects and the early stages of turning a result of an ongoing or recently finished Future and Emerging Technologies (FET)-open project into a genuine innovation with socio-economic impacts. Proposals must build on the results from an ongoing or recently finished project.

Activities eligible for funding include:

  • the definition of a commercialisation process;
  • market and competitiveness analysis, technology assessment;
  • verification of innovation potential;
  • consolidation of intellectual property rights;
  • business case development;
  • limited low-risk technology development, for example for demonstration or testing, can be supported as well. However, its necessary role in the broader innovation strategy and plan needs to be clear.

Proposals can be submitted for activities in which, for example, the following partners are included:

  • partners for technology transfer;
  • licence-takers;
  • investors and other sources of financing;
  • societal organisations;
  • or potential end-users.

Who can apply?

Participants of a previous or ongoing FET-open project can apply individually or as consortium. The project should not have ended before October 14th 2019.

Funding and deadline

Funding will constitute of a lump sum of € 100.000,- for projects with a duration of up to 18 months. The next deadline for applying for the FET-open Innovation Launchpad is October 14th 2020.

More information?

Have you recently finished your FET-open project or do you already know which results you want to follow up on? And do you need help with submitting an application so that you can turn your results into genuine societal or economic innovations? Don’t hesitate to contact us! The specialists at Hezelburcht have ample experience in the entire grant acquisition process.

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