Apply for funding for transport projects within the CEF 2 Transport 2021 call

Obtain funding for realising your transport infrastructure projects; the first call within the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) 2 Transport programme is now open for proposals! Sustainable, digital and multimodal solutions on the road, rail network and in ports are eligible for funding. Funding is also provided for the roll-out of infrastructure for alternative fuels.

Aim of CEF 2 Transport (2021-2027)

One of the goals of the European Commission (EC) is to deploy, improve and make the TEN-T (Trans-European Transport Network) more sustainable. This network covers roads, railways, inland waterways / inland ports, maritime transport / ports and airports. The final CEF 2 Transport work programme was published at the beginning of August and focuses on the first three years of the CEF 2 Transport programme (within the period 2021 – 2027). This work programme is the foundation of the 2021 call and provides insight into which types of projects , located on the TEN-T network ,   are eligible for funding.

Priorities of CEF 2 Transport

Your project should at least focus on one (or more) of the following objectives:

  • Eliminating bottlenecks on the TEN-T network, by increasing capacity and efficiency via, for example, digital systems;
  • Improving railway interoperability;
  • Bridging missing (cross-border) connections, adjustments for civil and military use of infrastructure and infrastructure for climate-friendly fuels and shore-based power.

For the roll-out of alternative fuels and the related infrastructure, there is the so-called ‘’Alternative Fuels’’ and Infrastructure Facility (AFIF) within the CEF 2 Transport programme. Financing for AFIF consists of a grant by CEF Transport and a bank loan (this can be an European Investment Bank loan).

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Funding rates

CEF Transport projects can be divided into studies and/ or works applications. Studies are research / preparation projects. Does your project fall within this category? If so, you might be eligible for funding up to 50% of the eligible costs. For works / implementation projects, you can submit a works applications. For works applications a funding rate of up to 30%  can be obtained. However, under certain circumstances this can go up to 50%! Please contact us for more information.

Are you working on a project that is a better match for CEF Transports’ AFIF? AFIF applies other funding rates and subsidies. This will depend on the type of fuel: Hydrogen, Electricity or LNG .

Project assessment

A CEF Transport grant can be quite substantial (up to tens of millions of euros), with only the best project proposals selected after a thorough evaluation by the EC. Your project proposal must be part of the TEN-T network, which consists of the Core Network and the Comprehensive Network. In addition, your project will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • maturity;
  • quality;
  • impact;
  • priority and urgency of the action;
  • catalytic effect of Union assistance.

In addition, the EU agency CINEA looks at the operational and financial capacity of the applicant.

When to apply for CEF 2 Transport 2021

Interested? You can submit a project proposal until 19 January 2022. There is a budget of € 7 billion available for this call.

On 27 September, an online information meeting was held by CINEA about this call. CINEA will host another separate meeting in October about the AFIF component. Additionally, on 14 October, RVO will host an information meeting about the 2021 call.

More information on CEF 2 Transport 2021?

Would you like to learn more about CEF 2 Transport 2021 call? Please contact our grant specialists for more information! Hezelburcht has extensive experience with the CEF Transport programme and can offer support in preparing and submitting a promising application.

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