Accelerating innovation to create positive change in the food system with EIT Food Open Innovation Call 2023

EIT Food is the world’s largest food innovation community, creating connections right across the food system. Supported by the European Innovation Council (EIC), they invest in projects, organisations and individuals who share the goals for a healthy and sustainable food system. Are you currently working on a project that is a fit for the Open Innovation call of EIT Food? Find out whether your project is eligible for funding!

Eligible activities

With the Open Innovation call, EIT Food is calling for collaborative innovation activities which will bring innovative technology solutions to the market in response to specific challenges in the agrifood sector. The proposed innovative solutions are expected to result in commercially viable products and services for the ultimate benefit of the European citizen.

Missions and Impact Factors of the EIT Food Open Innovation call

The EIT Food identified a set of Missions and Impact Factors to create a positive change in the food system. Does your project match one of these Missions or Impact Factors?

Mission Impact Factor
Healthier Lives Through Food
  • Increasing the availability of food products with improved nutritional profile to consumers;
  • Increasing the availability of food products with reduced levels of salt, sugar, trans fats or saturated fats to consumers;
  • More consumers using innovative technology, products or services that help to change or personalise diets in line with relevant national dietary guidelines.
A Net Zero Food System
  • Reduction of CO2 in the food system;
  • Reduction of other significant environmental impacts in the food system;
  • An increase in the number of products on the market that use food waste or side-streams;
  • An increase in the use of food waste or side-streams in food production;
  • An increase in products on the market that use alternative or new ingredients and improve environmental impact outcomes.
A Fully Transparent, Fair and Resilient Food System
  • Reduction in the estimated cost burden attached to food insecurity and food safety issues;
  • Overall increase Societal Return on Investment of grant due to the adoption of technology improving transparency, traceability or security across the food system.

Who can apply?

Proposals must be submitted by a consortium of at least three eligible organisations committed to collaborating between two different eligible countries, representing at least two sides of the knowledge triangle (innovation, business creation and/or education). Legal Entities from EU Member States or states associated to Horizon Europe can apply for the Open Innovation call of 2023.

Amount of funding and deadline

You are able to get funding up to 70% of the project costs for projects with a TLR level of 5 or above. The maximum funding for projects up to 12 months is € 600.000. Projects with a duration up to 24 months can receive a maximum funding of € 1.2 million. The deadline for proposals is 13 April 2023.

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