European City Facility (EUCF)

For whom?

Governments, local authorities and municipalities

For what?

Investment plans for sustainable energy projects


€ 60.000 regardless of the investment costs

More information on EUCF

The European City Facility (EUCF) supports (alliances of) municipalities and local authorities in investing in sustainability. Apply for funding and receive a subsidy of € 60.000 for the costs of developing an investment plan! Your investment plan can include a feasibility study, market analysis, risk analysis or coordination. Interested? Find out more about EUCF.

Scope of EUCF

The programme aims at overcoming two common barriers in sustainable energy investments:

  • Shortage of financial and legal capacities of municipalities and local authorities in transforming energy and climate strategies into investment concepts.
  • Lack of aggregation of smaller, fragmented projects and thus insufficient interest in grants and/or funding.

What can you apply for?

You can apply for funding for the development of investment concepts for sustainable energy projects and/or the ‘pooling’ of smaller, sustainable energy projects in larger investment portfolios so that (more) subsidies and/or financing can be acquired.

You can receive subsidy for the following costs:

  • Financial analyses
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical and/or legal analyses
  • Social studies
  • Market studies
  • And other support tasks

Who is EUCF for?

Municipalities, local authorities and consortia of municipalities/local authorities in the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom (UK) can apply for funding.

The maximum project duration is 12 months. The implementation of the investment concept is 24 months tops after validation of the investment concept by the EUCF evaluation team. If the investment concept cannot be implemented, there are no consequences.

Applying for funding

You are able to receive a grant of € 60.000. There are no criteria for minimum or maximum investment costs. Costs must be directly related to the development of the investment concept and must be spent on internal staff (if the internal organisation has sufficient capacity) or external experts and subcontractors.

Broad experience in supporting sustainable projects

Would you like to know more about this programme and the possibilities for your organisation? The specialists at Hezelburcht are very involved in setting up sustainable projects and will be pleased to help you draw up a strong and promising application. Contact us via 088 495 20 00 or for more information on EUCF or our services.


Would you like to learn more about the programme? Contact us via 088 495 20 00 or for more information. Or fill in the form below: