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Digital innovations

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Up to € 48.000, depending on the type of project

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Digipro, an INTERREG programme, can offer several interesting opportunities for innovative SMEs in the border regions. The Dutch government encourages cross-border collaboration, with its core area around the provinces of Gelderland, Eastern Brabant, Limburg and part of the Germany North Rhine-Westphalia region. Unlike many other European regulations, the involvement of suppliers or customers within the Digipro is also reckoned as international collaboration.  

Digipro funding for digital innovations 

The focus of the Digipro programme is digital innovation. Nevertheless, the grant provider would like to see a hardware component in the project. Entrepreneurs from the manufacturing industry, IT or the technical installation sector can apply for a grant for the development of intelligent products and processes. Preferred branches are: plastic, metal, mechanical engineering and the production of installations.   

Digipro Instruments

You can apply for a grant using the following instruments: 

  • Concept development

Concept development includes the global definition and testing of your innovative idea in consultation with a hired external expert. This expert tests your innovative idea in an early stadium in order to determine the viability of your project. This results in a brief technical description, linked to a sound business value analysis. The cross-border aspect along with the innovation is also a determining factor for an award. A collaboration with a German partner or expert during the concept development is not obligatory, but is preferred by the programme. The grant has a maximum of 50% of the project costs and can go up to €2.500,-.  

  • Coaching 

As SME you can make use of coaching for subjects such as cultural changes or to promote business models and processes and implementation of new technical tasks and applications. One can receive coaching for management support or personal guidance of employees. This guidance is aimed at promoting knowledge and skills of digitised working methods in the context of smart industry/industry 4.0. The grant is capped at 50% of the total cost with a maximum of €1.500,-. 

  • Feasibility study 

By  means of a feasibility study you can investigate the validity of an innovative product or idea. The involvement of a German partner or external expert is required in the project. It is important to emphasize the cross-border nature in the application. This can be achieved by entering into a partnership with a German partner for implementation or by consulting a German external expert. The grant for a feasibility study is capped at €8.000,- with a max of 40% of the total costs.  

  • Development project

SMEs can apply for a grant for the development of smart new products (prototypes) and processes. The goal is to launch the innovation onto the market or design a new company model within two years. You can receive up to €48.000,- grant for your development project, covering up to 40% of you total project costs. Alongside the innovation, the cross-border aspects of the project are of importance for the programme. These aspects have to be met by involving at least one partner or external service provider in the implementation of the project. In this context, a partner may also be a buyer or supplier.  

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